Speaking with MSNBC producer Stephanie Brumsey


Today we got to speak with MSNBC producer Stephanie Brumsey. I loved her energy and her vibrant personality. She taught me to get out of my comfort zone, take risks, be okay with rejection, and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. She also taught me that no matter who I may be talking to, never shy away from being myself. The reason being, people are more interested in my personality than my skills. Anyone can have those skills but not everyone can have my personality. I’ve learned so much from her and I had so many takeaways from just hearing her story.

Something that she said stuck with me: “Some people will tell you the world, if you allow them to.” When I heard that, my eyes instantly lit up. I felt deeply attached to that quote because of how quickly I could relate it back to my life and the conversations I’ve had with people.

I also asked her about her personal experiences with letting feelings get in the way of information she puts out. Through asking, I learned about the distinction between bias and point of view, which was interesting because it made me think of how people have to step out of who they are in order to deliver trustworthy news.