Thinking about my niche


Once again, I have still managed to be deathly tired. Luckily, we were learning about how to properly shoot, which kept me up because I have no idea how to take pictures.

I mean, I can’t even take mirror selfies that I like! I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to actually shoot stuff using all the tips (the Google Doc with my notes from today is almost three pages). I also managed to memorize the mantra. Basically the types of shots (wide, medium, tight, extra tight, action, and reaction) 😎. Yep, I’m basically a natural.

Our first speaker today made me really think about what I want my niche to be, I really like politics but I’ve somehow realized that I have a love of feature writing! Who knows, maybe I will combine those to make a perfect niche. Anyways, my group is literally so amazing and sweet. Shoutout to my team coordinator, Ms. Cathrine Duffy! She really made me feel less nervous about sending an email to get an interview. As you can see, I suck at being formal🧍🏿.

OK, I’m going to go because I have to be up before 9 and, honestly, I’m definitely going to need some caffeine tomorrow!