Taco Tuesday!


Day 3:

This was by far my favorite class (so far). First, we met with Long Island Herald Editor Kate Nalepinski, who taught me to be versatile and try different things no matter what I’m interested in, which I already do. But the fact that she explained the importance of having more than one skill made me want to explore more. She made me understand the importance of prior research and always watching the news and seeing the same story from different perspectives.

My favorite part was talking to Newsday photographer John Williams. I was so interested in everything that he experienced. He met Nelson Mandela and has seen the inside of a body — the heart and all. I loved the advice he gave us about lighting and that a good photographer takes control of their photos despite what the subject might say. I’m most interested in the film and picture career of journalism so everything he said lit me up inside. 

Then we talked to Stony Brook University Professor Rick Ricioppo, who gave information about capturing the moment including action and reactions. We also spoke about taking as many shots as possible to keep the audience engaged. As well as, writing for the ears and not the eyes so write very conversational and taking more film than needed so we can have more to edit with.

We also spoke with a county legislator which was very interesting especially because we got insight into her life and V.I.P. information. I loved today’s class but I kept getting hungry, so I kept eating.

Yes, I did have tacos for dinner.

I appreciated the amount of information that was acquired in such little time.