Alex Chen: seeking to learn about the multimedia environment


By Noel Gonzalez
Bard High School Early College Queens

Alex Chen, a 15-year-old rising senior at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn with “a passion for writing” who is also interested in video production, found his way to journalism with the encouragement of his ninth-grade English teacher.

Alex, who has some experience in anime music video editing, said he would like to focus on broadcasting “probably because I like to shoot video. That’s mostly what I like to do.”

Vivian Wanjing, Alex’s 16-year-old sister, who describes her sibling as “intelligent, hardworking and persistent,” said he has been searching for ways to improve his writing and “started to read more books about it so he could get more ideas and to expand his creativity.” 

Vivian is confident in Alex’s interest and skills in journalism. “I think that he will be liking professional journalism. And I think he will be more sure about his career in the future, like college and such.” 

Alex said he wanted to attend the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists to improve his writing skills and soak up knowledge about different areas of interest. 

“I hope to improve my editing skills in general. I do the AMV videos, but I am a beginner, I am also interested in a multimedia environment, I have never been exposed to it, and I found that it was very interesting.”