Day 4: Exhausted but grateful


Whew.. I’m exhausted! Today was a lot of reaching out to people, doing interviews, putting together our story and creating our video. I’m so grateful to have such a hard-working team! Everyone was doing their part and helping each other so I’m so glad for that. We are now just putting the finishing touches on everything so tomorrow shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. Tomorrow is also the last day on Zoom! I can’t believe our time at Greene is coming to an end… I’m excited for this last day and I’m even more excited for Saturday because it’s going to be in-person!

I also just wanted to mention how amazing our guest speaker Sarah M. Kazadi was. She was so transparent about her experiences being a black female journalist. It was so inspiring as I too am a black female interested in the field. She talked about how she overcame the challenges of being someone like herself in this field by viewing her background and identity as an angle to write from. There have been some truly inspirational speakers that have come to be with us this week and I’m so looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.

Editing on ClipChamp [Photo by: Moriah Pettway]