Day 4, what a score!


Things are finally starting to click! My group and I are working extremely hard trying to pull our story together! Earlier on in the day, my group and I barely had a story. We had sent dozens of emails and there was either no answer or a decline toward participating in a virtual interview. I was extremely stressed out because other groups seemed to have interviews lined up and my group and I had nothing, despite the fact we were all working hard and staying on Zoom meets collaborating and brainstorming together.

I then found two contacts that would be willing be be recorded. So, I hopped on my computer and did two virtual sit-down interviews. I was prepared with my questions and felt like a real journalist. Although I had questions prepared, I read the mood of the meeting and adjusted accordingly. It was a terrific experience. This whole experience made me realize how much work journalists and media companies have to deal with. Sometimes people don’t want to participate and there is a time crunch! I always had a profound respect for journalists, however this just made me admire them even more.

Team 5 picture at our 6:30 meeting

My group and I have a lot of material to work with today. I am really excited to start editing to pull this project together. The team I am working with is filled with strong and motivated young women. I am so thankful for the relationships we have been able to build through a screen! I was not expecting it to be easy to connect with people over Zoom but I was pleasantly surprised. This morning I enjoyed a lecture by Chrissy Sampson, which was about F.O.I.L. laws.

Morning Meeting With Chrissy Sampson