Last day of Greene :(


We’re done! The video is complete and the story is done. Wow, this has been a week of hard work. I had to do a new profile today because my partner is no longer in the program. Although it was a lot to do last-minute, writing is something I really enjoy so I didn’t mind too much. I cannot wait for tommorrow because I am so tired of Zoom.

There were so many moving parts today but I know that’s part of being a journalist. I think this week was a really great experiance because I got exposed to various journalists in the field with unique backgrounds and experiences. I think this week taught me some amazing skills that I can now apply to my writing, speaking, and even video editing! I’m so very grateful for this opportunity and all the wonderful relationships, skills, and tools that I’ve gotten out of it. Can’t wait to meet all the amazing people that made this week possible!

I’m Moriah Pettway from Baldwin, New York. Have a great day and keep watching Stony Brook News!

The Last ZOOM [Photo by Moriah Pettway]