Mission 1: Completed


Day 1 of Greene…success (well, day 1 of full-time Greene). Although sitting in front of a computer screen was not the ideal way I wanted to spend my Greene week, I still appreciate the opportunity to even be here.

Journalism was not something that crossed my mind until maybe about six months ago. I took a multimedia journalism class my second semester this year and when I finished that class, boy, I thought I knew it all. News flash — I did not know it all. I learned more on this first day of Greene than I was expecting to learn all week! From ledes, to headlines, to finding out how to properly edit a journalistic video… I feel more confident about my writing, producing, and editing skills already.

Something that I especially enjoyed today was learning more about the Padcaster Verse. Well, first of all, I just feel really cool when I walk around with that thing! The cool, fuzzy microphone, the high-tech tripod, and even all the cool wires you have to plug in to hear the sound made me feel so cool! I really feel like a journalist when I walk around with that thing! Amazing! But besides the fact that I feel like I already belong at a major news station just going off of how cool I look with the Padcaster setup, I feel like I am already at a major news station with the incredible instruction I have been getting from my Greene professors. Professor Dowdy and his great way of explaining a lede versus a headline, Professor Ricioppo and his approach to producing a video, and all the many other professors I met today have been extremely informative in explaining their craft, and of course, very kind.

Me admiring my incredibly cool Padcaster setup, (By Chloe Findlay)

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… maybe a massive ice cream sundae, one thousand dollars? No, probably just more interviews.

See ya tomorrow, Greene Team!