Mission 2: Completed


Welp, the second full day of Greene Team is in the books. Today my brain was jam-packed with lots of information about photography and film, but I learned so much about a field that I thought was pretty simple.

The biggest thing I learned today was LIGHT! Professor John Williams taught me so much about how light greatly impacts a photo. Windows, strobe lights, and any and every light source in a background impacts the photo you are taking.

Professor Ricioppo gave some really good insight on how different shots should be layered in a journalistic video. The “mantra” of shooting a video also really helped me remember the different shots I should be getting while out in the field taking video.

Today was so much fun, and I can’t wait to get on air and talk about the weather tomorrow!

3… 2… and welcome to Stony Brook News! I’m Chloe Findlay with your weather.

See ya tomorrow, Greene Team!