Tyler Wong: A young journalist ready to sharpen his skills


By Liliana Stella
North Shore High School

This is how Tyler Wong describes his relationship with his intended profession: “I’m passionate about journalism because it allows me to freely express my point of view.” 

The 16-year-old Brooklyn native attending Millennium Brooklyn High School is involved in many school activities, including the journalism club, creative learning lab, environmental club and the Asian-American club, which helped enhance his enjoyment and interest in K-pop groups. In particular, he likes BLACKPINK and BTS.

Tyler has also been an active member of the Millennium Brooklyn High School newspaper club over the past few years. This differs from his journalism club, which places more emphasis on the field of journalism rather than on crafting and developing work. 

Prior to the pandemic, Tyler liked “working in school because there was a circular round desk with computers.” He noted that during the pandemic he enjoyed working at his desk at home. 

As for his writing, he said, “I originally got into it because I liked to write about certain topics that I’m passionate about.”  Tyler hopes his love for writing evolves. “I would enjoy a career with print journalism because I enjoy writing,” he said, adding that journalism “can really be both moving and informative.” 

Tyler’s journalistic interests are diverse. He said he finds joy in topics involving the environment and pop music. Through his writing, Tyler would like to explore renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and climate initiatives. With his admiration for K-pop, he sees himself working at an entertainment media company.

Tyler’s interest in entertainment journalism is easily recognizable by those around him. One of Tyler’s teachers, Stephanie Feirsen, a speech-language therapist, said, “Tyler often speaks about representation (of minorities) in movies and television shows.”

Through the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists, Tyler wants to enhance his understanding of how to write news articles and learn “the ropes,” and in doing so, build a broader range of his writing.  

Tyler’s American literature teacher, Alicia Ciocca, said he is “very dedicated to improving his writing and analysis skills. He has an inquisitive mind and constantly questions the world around him. He is also always looking for ways to collaborate with others to learn and grow.”  

Tyler’s curiosity motivates him to pursue his passions and develop detailed and inspiring stories. He said that his curiosity enables him to look beyond his personal interests in his writing. He said journalism is worth pursuing because he would be  “writing useful information about something that can influence or inspire others.”