Tyler Wong: A young journalist ready to sharpen his skills

By Liliana Stella
North Shore High School

This is how Tyler Wong describes his relationship with his intended profession: “I’m passionate about journalism because it allows me to freely express my point of view.” 

The 16-year-old Brooklyn native attending Millennium Brooklyn High School is involved in many school activities, including the journalism club, creative learning lab, environmental club and the Asian-American club, which helped enhance his enjoyment and interest in K-pop groups. In particular, he likes BLACKPINK and BTS.

Tyler has also been an active member of the Millennium Brooklyn High School newspaper club over the past few years. This differs from his journalism club, which places more emphasis on the field of journalism rather than on crafting and developing work. 

Prior to the pandemic, Tyler liked “working in school because there was a circular round desk with computers.” He noted that during the pandemic he enjoyed working at his desk at home. 

As for his writing, he said, “I originally got into it because I liked to write about certain topics that I’m passionate about.”  Tyler hopes his love for writing evolves. “I would enjoy a career with print journalism because I enjoy writing,” he said, adding that journalism “can really be both moving and informative.” 

Tyler’s journalistic interests are diverse. He said he finds joy in topics involving the environment and pop music. Through his writing, Tyler would like to explore renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and climate initiatives. With his admiration for K-pop, he sees himself working at an entertainment media company.

Tyler’s interest in entertainment journalism is easily recognizable by those around him. One of Tyler’s teachers, Stephanie Feirsen, a speech-language therapist, said, “Tyler often speaks about representation (of minorities) in movies and television shows.”

Through the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists, Tyler wants to enhance his understanding of how to write news articles and learn “the ropes,” and in doing so, build a broader range of his writing.  

Tyler’s American literature teacher, Alicia Ciocca, said he is “very dedicated to improving his writing and analysis skills. He has an inquisitive mind and constantly questions the world around him. He is also always looking for ways to collaborate with others to learn and grow.”  

Tyler’s curiosity motivates him to pursue his passions and develop detailed and inspiring stories. He said that his curiosity enables him to look beyond his personal interests in his writing. He said journalism is worth pursuing because he would be  “writing useful information about something that can influence or inspire others.”

Last day at Greene…

It’s the last day at Greene and I am sad that it has come to an end. I have learned so much valuable information that will definitely prepare me as a journalist in the future. However, it also taught me a lot of valuable life skills. Writing, communicating and teamwork is important in any field! Although it was stressful editing the videos and conducting interviews, I had a fun time and it never felt like work. It am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such amazing professionals and it was an honor getting to know these people and call theme my mentors. I can’t wait to see what my future holds in this career. 

Starting out strong

Starting on Sunday night, I was feeling an abundance of emotions. Excited, happy, and a little nervous. I was not sure what to expect, but moments after tuning into the Zoom call I knew I would be having a great time during Greene week.

We started off by making sure our profiles were done. Mine was completed. When reflecting upon my work with the profile, I was really proud of myself. I started off with a piece that I felt was solid. However, through the editing process my piece became even better. Through the edits of my profile I was left with not just a better piece of writing, but with better editing and writing skills that I can integrate into future writing.

Monday, the first official day of Greene week, was pretty action-packed.  Although there were many elements of this day, my favorite part of the day was setting up our recording materials. Recording and broadcast journalism is the part of the field that I am not extremely familiar with. I gained much knowledge of some equipment that I will be using throughout this week to conduct interviews. This will allow me to gain more experience that I wouldn’t normally have access to.

 I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the week!

Day 4, what a score!

Things are finally starting to click! My group and I are working extremely hard trying to pull our story together! Earlier on in the day, my group and I barely had a story. We had sent dozens of emails and there was either no answer or a decline toward participating in a virtual interview. I was extremely stressed out because other groups seemed to have interviews lined up and my group and I had nothing, despite the fact we were all working hard and staying on Zoom meets collaborating and brainstorming together.

I then found two contacts that would be willing be be recorded. So, I hopped on my computer and did two virtual sit-down interviews. I was prepared with my questions and felt like a real journalist. Although I had questions prepared, I read the mood of the meeting and adjusted accordingly. It was a terrific experience. This whole experience made me realize how much work journalists and media companies have to deal with. Sometimes people don’t want to participate and there is a time crunch! I always had a profound respect for journalists, however this just made me admire them even more.

Team 5 picture at our 6:30 meeting

My group and I have a lot of material to work with today. I am really excited to start editing to pull this project together. The team I am working with is filled with strong and motivated young women. I am so thankful for the relationships we have been able to build through a screen! I was not expecting it to be easy to connect with people over Zoom but I was pleasantly surprised. This morning I enjoyed a lecture by Chrissy Sampson, which was about F.O.I.L. laws.

Morning Meeting With Chrissy Sampson

A challenge = a new opportunity to learn 

Liliana Stella 

Even though I have been doing an abundance of things these past few days, July 20th 2021, seems to be the busiest. My team and I are starting to really break down our story. Developing questions, organizing those questions into topics of discussion and assigning roles for our projects have been a few of the activities we have been doing.  As a team we have been working hard and contributing to better strengthen our story. When assigning roles, I immediately jumped towards the writing position. Writing is something that I believe is my strong suit. I can easily articulate what I want to say through writing and I feel comfortable. However, I then reflected upon why I wanted to do this program in the first place. I want to learn more!  Suddenly, I felt the urge to be an interviewer because that’s something that I am the least familiar with. I figured that since I had already gained so much knowledge on writing through developing the profiles, I should visit another part of the field.  Rather than simply choosing writing again, or picking editing which I have done plenty of in the past, interviewing would be the biggest challenge. With all that being said, I knew that being an interviewer would be the best way to further benefit my journalism career for the future. 

My favorite part of Greene Week

Today was my favorite part of Greene Week by far! We got to participate in a virtual broadcast through Skype. At first I was nervous that I would mess up reading the script. However, once Mr. Phil Altiere counted me down, I felt like a natural. I was able to seamlessly read and it felt like I was actually on the news. This experience made me realize that broadcast journalism may be the career for me!