Day 4: Exhausted but grateful

Whew.. I’m exhausted! Today was a lot of reaching out to people, doing interviews, putting together our story and creating our video. I’m so grateful to have such a hard-working team! Everyone was doing their part and helping each other so I’m so glad for that. We are now just putting the finishing touches on everything so tomorrow shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. Tomorrow is also the last day on Zoom! I can’t believe our time at Greene is coming to an end… I’m excited for this last day and I’m even more excited for Saturday because it’s going to be in-person!

I also just wanted to mention how amazing our guest speaker Sarah M. Kazadi was. She was so transparent about her experiences being a black female journalist. It was so inspiring as I too am a black female interested in the field. She talked about how she overcame the challenges of being someone like herself in this field by viewing her background and identity as an angle to write from. There have been some truly inspirational speakers that have come to be with us this week and I’m so looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.

Editing on ClipChamp [Photo by: Moriah Pettway]

Fun, fascinating, and fantastic day 4!

Proud to be Part of the Greene Team!!

Day 4 at Greene! It’s going by a lot quicker than I’d like to admit but I’m loving every second of it! My team leader, Chrissy Sampson started off the day with a talk on F.O.I.L. (Freedom of Information Law), F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act), or the Sunshine Law. This allows people to gain access to public records, which is incredibly helpful for journalists. We had a game of trying to figure out what is counted as a public record and what isn’t.

We went into team breakouts before Professor Ricioppo gave us video editing tips. I can’t wait to use them for my team’s video! We then had a talk about social media from Wasim Ahmad, who shared how important it is to have social media and to stay consistent with the names on different mediums. I learned that we can use social media to crowdsource people since they may have access to things others don’t. Professor Altiere then made sure everyone was in the clipchamp team, which we will be using to make the video stories. Sarah M. Kazadi, a Stony Brook graduate who currently works as an ESPN journalist, came on Zoom to share her very inspirational story of how she made her own luck and created her own opportunities in her life.

At the end of the day, my team met once again to discuss progress. I was able to finish a draft of the script for the video along with a general layout. I’m excited to finally put the video together and edit it tomorrow!

Interviewing in a car

Today wasn’t scheduled to start ’til 11, but I started my day early with a 9 a.m. interview with Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming! Now, this may have been one of the most interesting interviews I’ve conducted as a student journalist, since I took her phone call in a parking lot in Riverhead. Yes, you read that right. But when you get an opportunity to get the interview you need, it’s all about making it work. Luckily, Legislator Fleming gave me some great answers and we had a lovely conversation! My first draft of my article is finished so now I’m working on editing. My team has been working hard and I’m quite excited to see the end result!

Day 5: So close to saying goodbye

The week is almost over and everyone is making progress with their project. We had Chrissy Sampson, Wasim Ahmad, and Sarah M. Kazadi. Ms. Kazadi showed an emotional video that she made after the passing of the great Kobe Bryant. All of my work is moving smoothly as the week is coming to a close. One thing that I learned from today was that if you’re curious, you will always bump into stories.

First day: Glimpse into the week

Today, was basically an intro into everything and a small glimpse into the life of an actual journalist. The two most fun, interesting and informative parts of today were the informal lecture from Stephanie Brumsey and when we had to find the lede to the story of Red Riding Hood.

Stephanie Brumsey gave us a blunt, yet real glimpse into the life of journalism from her perspective coming from a troubling background and being a woman of color. It gave me hope and an actuality of what I have in store.

The Red Riding Hood lede was fun and hard. I remember many people throwing ledes in the chat of all sorts of scenarios, which I am victim to, as well. Though, it was fun battling through all the headlines we thought were ledes and figuring out how easy and simple it is to create a lede, especially off of a story we all know so well. Lastly, we got into our groups and were immediately beginning off well, with everything figured out.

I’m learning everything

Today started off well. Stephanie Brumsey was an amazing speaker and I really enjoyed hearing her story! However, I was sad because my camera would not turn on at all, but I stayed engaged and tried to participate when I could.

I also finalized my profile with Paul Schreiber and made it sound more concise. I also got my group. Arielle seems like a very fun coach. I also worked on my paint with diamonds project throughout the day. I will share a picture of it soon.

Hopefully, by the end of the week it’ll be done! Kind of like a Greene side project!

Pushing through the tiredness

The first day of Greene week is over and I was not prepared to wake up earlier than 11am. Usually I wake up at 10 but my brain doesn’t turn on ’til about 1 pm!

I did however enjoy the speaker, Stephanie Brumsey. She was funny, charismatic, and so inspiring. Honestly the highlight of my day. The rest of the day went smoothly, but I was half sleep so that sucked. Once I had finished my work for the day I passed out. I also really enjoyed meeting my group. I can’t wait to work with them!

Long road to becoming a professional

Today was my first official weekday at the Greene Team.  From my first full session here, it is becoming apparent to me that I am learning much about journalism, as expected. However, I learned that journalism is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Based on what the guest speaker told us today and all of the work that we have been assigned for tonight, I could tell that it will be quite difficult to become a successful journalist. There are multiple layers to it which means that you must acquire certain skills; having just one would not suffice.

There is so much more that I need to learn before taking on this occupation, but I am willing to! Working hard is always crucial to reach goals, which is another theme I picked up on in this program. To conclude, I look forward to learning more tomorrow!

A great start to Greene Week

The Greene program started off with a bang when Stephanie Brumsey talked to the team about her road to being a producer. The humor and motivation that Brumsey brought to the table was a great start to my day.

After she left the call, we moved on to grasp a general understanding of how to pull readers into an article with the usage of a proper lede. Brumsey’s talk and learning to frame an article were both fun segments of the day, however, my favorite part was learning how to put together and use a Padcaster. We were lucky enough to have the founder of Padcaster, Josh Apter, join us and explain the general uses of the device.

Toward the end of today’s session, we broke out into different groups to converse about splitting responsibilities in developing our own stories. My team will be working on a story titled “Pandemic Pets.” Overall, I believe today set a standard for the rest of the week that needs to be kept. It was a great start to the Greene Week. 🙂

Off to a great start

Today at 11 am I clicked a button that said ‘join with camera off’ and had no idea what to expect, but wow… was I in for a treat! The moment Stephanie Brumsey opened her mouth, I was engaged. Her bold and expressive personality mixed with her insight, wisdom and experiences as a journalist were so inspiring! That fact that she started as a Greene student just like me gives me so much hope for my future career as a journalist.

After the break, we all came back to learn about the structural elements of writing a story. One concept that stuck with me was the basics of writing a lede. In order to learn how to properly write a lede, Professor Dowdy presented a story pitch to us about Red Riding Hood and her grandmother getting eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. We then had to make a lede for it. I then came to the conclusion that a lede is a concise version of a story that hooks the reader in.

If I’m being honest, setting up my Padcaster was a struggle for me. Looking back, it wasn’t too difficult, but I was already stressed in terms of keeping up with my group in order to make sure that I was setting everything up properly.

Moriah’s Padcaster setup [Photo by: Moriah Pettway]

Finally, I met my group today! I am so excited to get started on our story about Stony Brook medical students on the front lines during COVID. I can’t wait to go through the process of interviewing because it is something I’ve never done before. My group members also seem like really great people and they’re all eager to get started just like me. Ms. Duffy also seems so dedicated and ready to help us in any way she can so I’m so appreciative of that.

Overall, I’m so glad that I can be a part of this program. It is such a great opportunity for me to get hands-on experience. Although my eyes burn at the end of the day from staring at this screen, that won’t stop me from making the most out of this program. I’m looking forward to all the great things that will come out of this week! We’re off to a great start! 🙂